Why I Chose The Canon EOS 7D Over The T2i

by Harlan Yee on January 24th, 2011

The Canon EOS 7D and Rebel T2i are probably the most talked about DSLR cameras in recent history because of their popularity with video producers and filmmakers. After reading many great reviews and watching numerous video examples, I decided to buy the 7D.

Canon EOS 7D with 28-135mm f3.5

You might be asking why I didn’t buy the T2i? The T2i came out during the time I was ready to buy the 7D which made the decision harder. The T2i has the same video qualities found in the 7D but for about $1000 less. At this time, you can find a brand new Rebel T2i with 18-55mm lens for $650. I knew both would shoot terrific video. Cost wasn’t an issue and with both cameras having similar features, I decided on the 7D mainly because of these differences:

Body Size

I’ve shot on an older Nikon D100 and Canon 20D which are also larger camera bodies and the 7D is no exception. The grip of the 7D just feels better (to me) than the smaller T2i. You really feel like you’re grasping a substantial camera. I have small hands and even the T2i feels a bit small for me.

Canon EOS 7D

Top Mounted LCD

I also like having the LCD display screen so I can quickly see what my settings are for my shots. The bigger body size allows this feature, the T2i with a smaller body does not have a top mounted LCD.

Menu Dial

The Canon 7D has a large dial on the back which allows you to easily scroll through menus and images. It helps me quickly get my fingers oriented to the position of the button controls as soon as I pick it up. I’ve loved the functionality of this dial all the way back to the 20D bodies. And now most Canon point and shoot cameras have a smaller version of this dial as well.

Canon EOS 7D

Water Tight Body

The 7D has a water sealed body. In Seattle, it rains quite a bit in the winter months so it’s a little peace of mind that I can be out in the elements without having to worry as much. This doesn’t mean I’ll stand in the rain or intentionally get the 7D wet, but I did for the picture below.

Canon EOS 7D

So that’s it! Without those 4 differences, I would’ve bought the T2i in a heartbeat. A new contender that is on the market is the Canon EOS 60D with a price of about $1200 with th 18-135mm lens. The biggest improvement on the 60D is the camcorder-like flip-out LCD display on the back. Hopefully I can get my hands on one soon to test out. Anyone out there like the Canon 60D better than the 7D?

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