Canon PowerShot SD980 IS HD Video Test with Dr. Oz in Seattle

by Harlan Yee on November 2nd, 2009

Another video test with my new Canon SD980 IS Digital ELPH. This time with Dr. Oz on his recent trip to Seattle. He was here all day promoting his show, meeting clients, answering questions and shooting promos. It was a true pleasure to meet such a down to earth guy!

The video below was shot handheld with the SD980 and the only option for audio was the built-in mic.

Here’s the first HD video test I did when I first received the Canon PowerShot SD980.

The following pictures were taken with the SD980 using the widescreen 4000×2248 picture resolution. A very nice feature for producers creating widescreen video. Full auto mode. No flash, only studio lighting.

Dr Oz in Seattle 051

Dr. Oz rehearsing his lines. He was a one take wonder but was gracious to cut several versions of his lines.

Dr Oz in Seattle 066

The 2nd part of his shoot was captured on a Panasonic HVX-200 in 24P on P2 cards.

Dr Oz in Seattle 057

If every actor we used was as good as Dr. Oz, our jobs would be a snap!

Dr Oz in Seattle 073

Here I am getting the last picture with Dr. Oz after his promo shoot.

I’ve been having a lot of fun with the Canon Powershot SD980. It fits in my pocket nicely and I’m always ready to shoot video with it at a moments notice. The camera body is one of the best I’ve ever used. In my opinion, it has the perfect mass and balance for a point and shoot camera. The newer updated model is the Canon Powershot SD3500 and it also features a touchscreen LCD like the SD980.

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