Behind The Scenes Music Performance Shot With Canon 7D

by Harlan Yee on November 22nd, 2010

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to work with 4 members from the musical group Stomp. Their tour was coming to Seattle and we made a TV promo to create awareness and to promote a local food drive at the same time.

The footage I shot with the Canon 7D was just behind the scenes stuff. The camera used for the actual TV promo was a Betacam SX as you can see in the footage. The boom mic was connected only to the Betacam so the audio you hear is from the built-in mic on the 7D.

[Watch this video on YouTube]

When the guys from Stomp showed up at the food bank, they spent about 15 minutes surveying the location and gathering items they could use to make music with. We had planned for them to set up on the main floor where we cleared out food and pallets. However, the location they picked was the smallest location they could’ve possibly chosen. It was up in a loft at the food bank. We had to make space. The area was literally about 10′ x 10′ with my crew and several other people around. Needless to say it was crowded! This meant most of the people at the food bank weren’t able to see the performance.


I stood and balanced on the corner of an open container full of packaged food for the first performance. For the second, I got down to floor level. This video shows their first performance but I put cut-away shots from their second. Afterwards, we did some special shorter pieces with them specifically for the TV promo which is not seen in the video.


It was amazing to see them set up and experience their talents up close! Check out this lid after they were done with it!


Last week, I went to their show at the Paramount Theatre and it was nothing short of awesome! If you get a chance, you should see them live! Special thanks to Northwest Harvest and Seattle Theatre Group.


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