10 Reasons To Switch To A Digital Camera For Capturing Video

by Harlan Yee on November 26th, 2010

The ability to shoot video on a digital camera has been around since almost the beginning of digital cameras. With the addition of HD video capability on digital cameras, there are excellent reasons to switch to a digital camera for video capture instead of a traditional video camera. I know that camcorders feature all the items listed below but it’s pretty amazing to think that you can do the same with just a digital camera.

Canon SD980 Digital ELPH 005
Here are 10 reasons why you should abandon your DV camera and shoot video with your compact digital camera.

  1. Cost – If you don’t need all the professional bells and whistles, using your digital camera to shoot video can actually save you money. You won’t necessarily have to have a separate video camera. It’s like having 2 cameras in one!
  2. HD Video – Most digital cameras now shoot 1280×720 (some 1920×1080) HD video resolution which is great so you can take advantage of online sites that can host HD video or even burn to Blu-ray disc.
  3. Compact Size – Point and shoot cameras are small in size and you can easily carry it around in your pocket. They’re so compact that you can carry it with you at all times so you’re ready to shoot video at a moments notice.
  4. Inconspicuous Recording –People won’t suspect you’re shooting video on your digital camera. This makes it easy to shoot in locations where a video camera may create too much attention where you’ll be asked to stop recording.
  5. Good for Online Video – Shooting video for your blog or website is easy with a digital camera. When you’re done shooting, simply transfer the video files to your computer, do some editing if necessary and then upload directly to video sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo and many others. From there, copy and paste the simple link to your blog or website.
  6. Ease of Use – Compact digital cameras are designed to be easy to use. Most of the time, it’s as easy as shooting a photo in full auto mode.
  7. Removable Storage – Memory cards are cheap so you can definitely keep a few on hand. You may already have a couple of memory cards lying around that you can use for your camera. Otherwise, get a high capacity card and you’re set to shoot hours of video on one card.
  8. Shoots Photos – Obviously, digital camera take photos but while you’re out shooting your video, use your camera to take still photos that can be used as additional imagery to create a more interesting video. Pictures will be higher resolution than your video so you can pan across them in your video editor without degrading the image quality of your photos.
  9. HDMI Ouput – Most digital cameras that shoot HD video have HDMI output. This means you can review your clips and photos on a large, high resolution monitor. Unfortunately, most compact cameras do not feed live video output through the HDMI port while the camera is actually recording.
  10. Macro Shots –Show intricate detail by going into macro mode. A simple click of a button on most digital cameras will activate it. Works especially well when shooting products or nice colorful food for example.


These are the top reasons why I don’t shoot with my mini-DV camcorder any more. Items 1-5 should be enough to convince you to ditch your old camcorder and try a new method of shooting video.

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