May 29 20

Vankyo Performance V630 Native 1080P Video Projector – Home Theatre Projector Setup in Room

by Harlan Yee

If you’re looking to upgrade to big screen entertainment you’re going to want to watch this video. The home theater projector I’m sharing with you today is probably the best budget projector I’ve seen so far! This is the Vankyo Performance V630 featuring native 1080P resolution. It has a minimalistic design with a fabric panel on the front. It has 2 HDMI inputs as well as an SD card slot. And on the back there’s a headphone port, analog audio video input, 2 USB ports and a legacy VGA port for older computers. Up on top all the navigation buttons are available which comes in handy, but mostly the mini remote is all that’s needed. It runs on 2 AAA batteries which are not included.

Additional accessories in the box include the power cable, AV cable, an HDMI cable and screws for a ceiling mount. Just above the lens is a big focus ring and physical keystone adjustment dial. On the bottom, there’s 4 holes for a ceiling mount and up on front is an extension leg which helps to adjust lens angle when the projector is on a table. Once I got V630 in my media room I was immediately impressed with the picture! I was really blown away by how bright the image was on my wall even with daylight in the room! However, in a darkened room, the brightness and colors really look good. I’m using a plain wall but it would even be better if I had a real screen. And even with all the ambient light, the V630 still looks really good. So even if you don’t have the ideal environment I think you’ll still get a great viewing experience!

One thing about the Vankyo projector is that I think it would’ve been better if all the ports were on the back so there aren’t cables coming out of 2 sides. There’s also built-in speakers for times when you don’t have an external audio system connected. And it’s loud enough to use on its own. When you first turn on the V630, set up is minimal. With everything dialed in, movie watching should be a very exciting experience with the V630 and connecting a gaming console will really take your gaming to the next level! If you thought your big TV was great, wait till you play games on your wall! This projector can also be ceiling mounted using any universal ceiling mount. If your room supports ceiling mounting then this is the ideal way to go because it’ll free up floor space and you won’t have to have cables or furniture in the way. This is definitely the cleanest installation method.

For $250 you can’t go wrong with the Vankyo Performance V630 video projector. I think this is a projector you must consider if you’re looking for add big screen entertainment in your home!

Products mentioned in the video:

VANKYO Performance V630 Projector

Vivo Ceiling Mount

Blue Rigger 50 foot HDMI Cable

May 27 20

Smart Switch Installation – Line Wire vs Load Wire – Neutral vs Ground Wire – Find Neutral Wire

by Harlan Yee

Installing a hard wired smart switch or any wall switch can be intimidating. But in this tutorial I’ll take the mystery out of it so you can start building the smart home you’ve always wanted. The wiring requirements are all the same on any smart switch. There’s going to be a load, neutral and line wires in addition to the ground. There’s 4 wires total and it’s the same with the Teckin smart switch that I’m installing in this video.

But before starting, I’ll turn off the breaker for the room I’m working in. This tutorial is based on a single pole switch. That means there is only one switch that turns on the room light. There are no other switches that control this light fixture. To help with the installation I’m going to use the voltage tester to find the line wire. The line wire comes from the breaker box so it should have power when I hold the tester next to it. The load wire sends power to the light itself so it shouldn’t have power when the switch is off. But I can tell when power goes through it when I turn on the light. After I’ve identified the line and load I can start the installation. Just connect the corresponding wires together with the new switch.

Again I’ll turn off the breaker before doing any work. And it’s a good idea to do one more check to make sure the power is off at the switch. When there’s no power start by removing the wire nut on the line wire. Now take the black line wire from my smart switch and tie these together. And don’t worry, the rest of the installation is going to be very easy. Next disconnect the load wire. Remember that this is the one that sends power to the light fixture when the switch is on. And for those of you who have never worked with wire nuts, they have screw threads inside that grab and hold the wires together. Just make sure the wires are lined up and twist until tight. The ground wire is easy to identify because it’s usually a bare copper wire.  The last and most important is the neutral wire. It’s required on all smart switches and it’s usually several white wires bundled together. The reason why a neutral wire is required is because it provides constant power to the transmitter and receiver in the switch for wireless communication. Depending on the age of your home, you may or may not have a neutral wire. If not you’ll have to talk to an electrician about your options.

Once all the wires are connected turn the power back on to this switch location. If the LEDs are lit up the switch is fully functional! But before stuffing the wires back in the wall box, turn off the breaker once more. You don’t want any power going through these wires when putting them back into the wall box.  This is going to be a tight squeeze in the box with all the wiring and the body of the smart switch. But when it’s all in the switch can be attached to the wall. And one last thing, I couldn’t have done this installation without a voltage tester. The one I bought was only $15 and well worth it for DIY electrical projects! Last thing I added was a Lutron Claro Decora Wall Plate for a clean finished look. If this video was helpful please give me a thumbs up and hit the subscribe button to stay up to date on all my weekly videos!

Products used in this post:

Tacklife Voltage Tester VT-02

Teckin Smart Dimmer Switch

Lutron Claro Decora Wallplate

May 27 20

How to Connect MacBook Pro to HDTV – MacBook without HDMI Output to TV

by Harlan Yee

There are many advantages to connecting a MacBook to an HDTV. You can use it as a huge second computer monitor or watch your favorite shows and YouTube videos on it. But without an HDMI port, the way to connect the two together might not be immediately apparent. It seems like there’s an adapter for everything and that’s definitely the case here.

In order to connect a MacBook to an HDTV you will need a Thunderbolt to HDMI adapter. It’s actually a 3 in 1 adapter because I wanted to be flexible and be able to connect my MacBook to a variety of monitors. The 3 in 1 means I can connect to an HDTV as well as DVI and Display Port monitors.

Connections are really simple. Just plug the Thunderbolt plug into the MacBook, then plug your HDMI cable into the adapter. Now plug the other end of the HDMI cable to one of your TV’s inputs. Make sure to select the correct input on your TV. So now I can use my HDTV as a big computer monitor or I can enjoy watching videos from YouTube and other websites on my TV.

It’s really simple with this adapter and I like that it has other inputs so I can use it on other monitors and projectors. I picked up this adapter for about $12 on Amazon so it’s a really inexpensive solution. It’s been really nice to have this adapter in my computer bag. Oh and one last thing, I wanted to let you know that audio does come through this cable. So we have video and audio coming through this single connection.

Oct 20 18

Bluedio Turbine Bluetooth Headphones – Under $30 Cheap Bluetooth Headphones with Good Bass

by Harlan Yee

Available at GearBest:
Bluedio HT H – Turbine Bluetooth Headset

Available at
Bluedio HT Turbine Headphones:

Is there such a thing as cheap good quality headphones? Well today I’m going to look at a pair of Bluedio H Turbine Bluetooth headphones and these run about $30 which is quite an affordable price.

These headphones look really nice just straight out of the box. And they come in white and black. The typical controls like volume, power and playback controls are found on the right earcup along with the USB charging port. On the left side is the 3.5mm port for the optional aux cable. The design of the headphones is really nice. I like embossed text on the earcups and the little notches around the center.

They did a good job clearly marking the Left and Right sides so they’re easily distinguished. When I first picked them up I was surprised they feel so light-weight and the plastic has a lower quality feel to it. It was something wasn’t expecting. But the top headband is nicely padded with breathable holes on the underside and it’s also padded up on top too. The earcups are nicely padded and have that leather look to them. These fit over the ear and the padding actually feels really comfortable. I can probably wear these for a longer period of time without my ears aching like on other headphones I’ve tried. And connecting these to an iPhone or other smartphone is really easy.

I was really surprised at how good these sound for a pair of $30 headphones. There’s definitely a full range of sound from highs to lows. The bass response is really good too. The bass is not as tight as other headphones I’ve used but if you’re looking for a set of headphones with decent bass, you’ll definitely find that with the Bluedio Turbine. For music listening it was really clear and I feel like I’m getting a nice full range of sound. So if you have a small budget for headphones give the Bluedio HT H Turbine a try. You’ll definitely get great sound quality for the money!

Available at GearBest:
Bluedio HT H – Turbine Bluetooth Headset
GearBest: Consumer Electronics

Sep 15 18

Xeneo X21 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker with TWS – Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio and SD Card

by Harlan Yee

There are lots of Bluetooth speakers on the market but today I’m taking a look at one of the budget wireless speakers from Xeneo. This is the Xeneo X21 Bluetooth speaker and it’s water resistant and it also offers True Wireless Stereo which means you can run two of these together in stereo from your phone or computer without having to use an app to connect the two together.

The Xeneo speaker features two aluminum bass radiators similar to what you’d find on the JBL Flip and Charge series. This helps enhance low frequencies and produce louder sound. With the speaker being water resistant, it takes a lot of worry away when using these speakers outdoors.

Xeneo X21 Bluetooth Speaker

To me the sound quality is about average where frequencies seem to be mainly in the midrange. And if you have an older non-Bluetooth device you can still connect this with the included aux cable. And if you happen to have no mobile device, you can simply insert a micro SD card into the speaker and listen to MP3s. And furthermore, if you find yourself without a handy audio source, there’s a built-in FM tuner to listen to your local stations.

Xeneo X21 Bluetooth Speaker

But the feature I like the best about the Xeneo 21 Bluetooth speaker is the True Wireless Stereo. You’ll need to buy two speakers but I think it’s worth it. In TWS mode the sound is so much better than with the single speaker. It’s louder and there’s definitely more bass. You can also connect this to a TV and use it kinda like a stereo sound bar.

Xeneo X21 Bluetooth Speaker

The Xeneo X21 speaker would work great in the bathroom or you can take it on the go. The Xeneo speaker will even fit in a standard bike water bottle holder. One speaker sounds pretty good but I totally recommend buying two of these and running them in stereo mode. They’re about $50 a piece and you won’t have to worry about them getting damaged in the elements. Overall the Xeneo X21 is a nice speaker packed with features at an affordable price.

Nov 23 17

Fosmon Xbox One Controller Charger – Xbox Rechargeable Battery Kit Review

by Harlan Yee

If play Xbox you know how many batteries you can go through. And when you don’t have any fresh batteries around you might be taking a last minute trip to the store to stock up on AAs. But Fosmon has a great solution for rechargeable batteries. Please a take a look at my review video!

The Fosmon Xbox One Controller Charger and Batteries come with a charging station and two 800 mAh battery packs. The charging station is a dock with dual slots and provides high-speed charging of two controllers at once.

Fosmon Xbox One Rechargeable Batteries


Each battery provides about 30-33 hours of playtime and takes about 4 to 5 hours to charge. Green lights on the charger flash while read more…

Oct 4 17

Drocon Blue Bugs 3 Brushless Motor Drone Review – 15 Minute Flight Time

by Harlan Yee

The Drocon Blue Bugs 3 brushless motor drone is an affordable alternative to the much more expensive DJI quadcopters. The Blue Bugs 3 can support GoPro and other action cameras. The brushless motors provide more power, longer running times and more accurate flight control than conventional electric motors. The Blue Bugs 3 is packaged with a camera mount but it does not include a camera. Only certain GoPros and other action cameras will fit with the included mount. I’m using this with the DBPower SJ4000 action camera.

The remote is large and a bit bulky like a DJI remote but it does feature a solid antenna mast. The Blue Bugs 3 comes with a MJX R/C battery and has 1800mAh capacity. The battery fits very snugly underneath the drone body and won’t read more…

Aug 30 17

Drocon Traveler U818A Plus FPV Drone with Built-In HD Camera Review

by Harlan Yee

read more…

Jun 12 17

Imorden Carbon Fiber DSLR and Video Camera Slider Review

by Harlan Yee

Camera sliders add an extra dimension to your shots. And this carbon fiber slider from Imorden is a handy tool that can help you create cinematic shots. I mainly shoot product videos for my YouTube channel and it helps me stand out from other product reviewers with my moving shots. The tracks on the Imorden sliders are made of light-weight carbon fiber tubing and are very smooth.

The ends have adjustable legs that can be pivoted and the feet are also adjustable for uneven surfaces. There’s a quarter-inch screw on the dolly to attach a tripod head for your camera. The dolly is quite large and offers several mounting holes for accessories including quarter-inch and 3/8” inch. Movement of the dolly is incredibly smooth even with heavier cameras. But the actual smoothness in your shot depends on how steady your hand is when sliding.

Imorden Carbon Fiber DSLR Camera Slider Review

The ends of the slider has five quarter-inch screw holes but none on the bottom. That means you need to be creative when connecting two tripods on the ends. However, with the mounting screws on read more…

Mar 28 17

Imorden Falcon F-2 Shoulder Sling Review for DSLRs – How to Carry a Camera and Not Look Like a Tourist

by Harlan Yee

For years I really disliked the neck strap that came with my Canon camera. I always thought that it put my camera in an inconvenient spot whenever I wore it. To me, having the camera hang between my chest and stomach felt really uncomfortable especially walking around. It would swing weird and is in the way of things. Not to mention I felt like I looked like a tourist.

However, with the Imorden Falcon F-2 Shoulder Sling, carrying around my DSLR is now very comfortable and it sits safely on my hip. Here’s my video review of the Imorden camera sling:


The Imorden Shoulder Sling uses several metal buckles to connect the different straps. These are not going to break!

Imorden Shoulder Sling 1


Attaching your camera is easy with the metal ball joint connector. It securely fastens your camera to the shoulder strap and they also include a safety strap so you won’t read more…