Repair Cost Of Canon 7D Bent Pin In Compact Flash Slot

by Harlan Yee on August 31st, 2011

I recently got my Canon EOS 7D back from the repair shop with the bent pin repaired in my compact flash slot and everything is fully operational again.

Before you read on, if you missed my initial post where I showed pictures of the bent pin on my 7D, go to this post:

I assume you are here because you have a bent pin in your 7D and you might be wondering how much this repair will cost you? If your camera is under warranty, you might be able to get Canon to fix it for you for free but don’t count on it. I’ve heard stories both ways where Canon has fixed the pin for free while for others, they will not cover the cost.

Canon 7D Bent Pin Repair Cost

My Canon 7D was repaired locally at Photo-tronics, Inc. in Seattle. As you can see from the receipt below, the total cost ended up being $366.83. From looking at their website, you can send in your equipment for repair if you don’t live in Seattle.

Canon 7D Bent Pin Repair Cost

So you can realistically expect around that much if you were to take it to a local repair shop. They said the only way to fix this problem was to completely replace the compact flash assembly.

Canon 7D Bent Pin Repair Cost

It only took a couple of days since they had the part in stock but it sat in their facility for about a week until my friend had time to go pick it up.

Canon 7D Bent Pin Repair Cost

The cost is nothing to sneeze at though. For the price of the repair, you could get some nice accessories for your camera like a Zacuto Z-Finder or even a nice camera slider. Next time, I’ll have to insert the compact flash card a little slower and hopefully avoid this from happening again.

  1. Marius permalink

    Canon service in NJ charged me $223 for a bent pin repair.

  2. Harlan Yee permalink

    Wow! More than $100 less than my repair cost!

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