Record Digital Audio From Computer Speakers With Adobe Soundbooth

by Harlan Yee on November 10th, 2010

Here’s a way for you to capture the audio you hear from your computer speakers and save it as an audio file using Adobe Soundbooth CS4. This is useful if you just want use only the audio from video files, YouTube, Vimeo, websites, Flash files… anything you hear out of your speakers. I’m using Soundbooth CS4 on a Windows XP PC for this example.


Soundbooth Record Speaker Audio 1

Step 1 – Launch Soundbooth, click File > Record (or Ctrl-R).


Soundbooth Record Speaker Audio 2

Step 2 – A window opens which allows you to select an audio device, sample rate and other recording preferences.


Soundbooth Record Speaker Audio 3

Step 3 – If needed, clicking on the Settings button will open a window which allows you to enable devices or soundcard on your computer. I didn’t have to make any changes since my audio was already passing through to Soundbooth. Click OK when done.


Soundbooth Record Speaker Audio 5

Step 4 – Select your sample rate. For use in video select 48000. If this is for audio use on radio or CD, choose 44100.


Soundbooth Record Speaker Audio 6

Step 5 – Select a port. My set-up only has the Realtek HD Audio Input.


Soundbooth Record Speaker Audio 7

Step 6 – Type in a file name. If you’re recording more than one file in your session, you can tell Soundbooth how subsequent files will be named. Click browse to choose a location on your hard drive where the recorded files will be saved to.


Soundbooth Record Speaker Audio 4

Step 7 – Click the red Record button when you’re ready to record your audio. The record duration is displayed.


Soundbooth Record Speaker Audio 8

Step 8 – The button at the far left allows you to insert markers as you’re recording. Please note that the volume out of your sound card or clip that you’re playing will affect the recording levels. You can always bring your levels up after your file has been saved. Click Stop when done. Your audio file is now saved and a new timeline will open up in Soundbooth.

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