Recognize Opportunities and Take Action

by Harlan Yee on November 20th, 2009

Advancement in your career or growing your business is based highly on recognizing opportunities (that may or may not be apparent to you) and taking action before the opportunity passes. I know in the past, I had to make a fast decision on an employment opportunity. I wasn’t really ready to move to another city but literally 2 weeks after my interview, I packed up and moved to Seattle. I realized quickly that if I didn’t act, I wouldn’t be where I am. I know now that it has been one of my better decisions in advancing my career.


An Unexpected Opportunity

But this post isn’t about me. A long time co-worker and friend Mark Nazarino was presented a fantastic employment opportunity and decided to leave the comforts of his position of 20 years at KOMO-TV to begin the next leg of his career. I first met Mark 12 years ago when I moved to Seattle. Prior to this, I had always wrote, shot and edited all my projects. When I started my new job in Seattle, I finally had videographers to shoot video for me and Mark was one of them. I think he was just starting out in EFP at the time I came to KOMO. The first project we worked on was for a store called Boyd’s of Bellevue which sold fancy clocks. I remember it was a bit difficult to shoot because of all the shiny brass parts, but we figured out how to get the shine to really show through. Here’s the very first spot we worked on for Boyd’s of Bellevue.

Over the years, we’ve worked on many, many projects of different sizes and subjects… And we’ve also worked together on a few freelance projects. Along the way, we’ve grabbed opportunities to learn, grow and even make some extra money. Over time, we’ve realized that great opportunities are out there, we just have to find them (if they don’t find us first) and take action. I’ll miss our daily talks and working together solving production and technical challenges. His last day at KOMO-TV was Tuesday, November 17th. We still plan on collaborating on future projects but for now, I think he’s made the right move… not only for career advancement, but for personal growth and to become a stronger player in this industry. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Mark as happy and excited about anything like this before!

Projects Over The Years

One of the latest projects I tagged along with Mark on was a shoot with Dr. Oz. Here is exclusive behind the scenes video of that shoot. I’ve gone over my tape reels through the years and put together a compilation of some of the more memorable projects we’ve worked on together. You can also see some of the production process on our germ prevention PSA shoot which has aired in two states and various theaters.

Ocean City Restaurant 014

Here we are at Ocean City in Seattle’s International District on our last lunch together before Mark’s departure. Pictured from left to right, Mark, me and Jeff. What’s for lunch you ask? Find out more about at my Lunch Q post here.

Ocean City Restaurant 016

And to top it off, check out Mark’s fortune… seems appropiate for the occassion! Good luck Mark! We’ll meet up for lunch again soon!

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