Photography & Cinema (P&C) Pistol Grip Handle Review

by Harlan Yee on October 14th, 2013

One of the most inexpensive and best purchases I have made for my DSLR is the Photography & Cinema Pistol Grip Handle. This gadget is so basic but it makes a huge difference when shooting handheld with my DSLR. In the past, I remember shooting video at school performances and my wrist would be aching after a couple of minutes holding the camera up.

Photography and Cinema Pistol Grip HandleNow, with the P&C Pistol Grip, my wrist feels much better and I can hold the camera up longer without too much strain. This is partly due to the fact that with my hand in a different grip position, I can easily rest my elbow against my chest which helps take some of the pressure off of my wrist. The cost is so low that you wouldn’t even have to think twice about getting one of these. Here’s my latest video review of the P&C Pistol Grip Handle:

One last note, this handle is very lightweight so it doesn’t really increase the load you’re carrying with your camera body and lens. As mentioned in the video, the handle has a great feel to it and feels like it’s part of the camera when attached.


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  1. Steve Sherron permalink

    A very good review Harlan. This would be helpful to anyone who shoots video with a DSLR.

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