Niche Video Challenge 1: A New Challenge And Keyword Research

by Harlan Yee on October 19th, 2011

What This Challenge Is All About

Today, I am starting a new challenge for myself. After some success participating in the Niche Site Duel, I’m ready to use what I’ve learned in the past plus methods from a recently purchased training course to create a new income generating niche site. I will be following the methods described in the Niche Video Tycoon training course.

Niche Video Tycoon

What makes this training so unique is that the keyword research tactics in Niche Video Tycoon goes against what every other online marketer teaches. What I mean is that usually, you’d want to build a website that has a lot of search volume for keywords that you want to rank for in Google. In this challenge, I am going to be targeting low (extremely low) search volume keywords. As you’ll see shortly, the keywords I’m going for have less than 1000 searches a month!

Part of the reason for documenting my process here is to help me stay motivated and stick with my plan. It worked out with the Niche Site Duel and I hope it does the same for me on this project. A secondary reason to keep track of my progress is that later, I could possibly turn these notes into instructions for a virtual assistant to follow so I can automate and repeat the process with future websites. If this course helps generate a $500-$1000 a month income from a single website, then I will definitely be building more of these.


Here’s a condensed version of the tasks I’ll be performing:

  • Find a low volume seed keyword
  • Find 7-15 related keywords which also have low volume searches
  • Build a WordPress site with pages targeting each keyword
  • Make a video targeting each keyword and embed into the corresponding pages
  • Build backlinks to each page
  • Add an opt-in form on the site with a free give-away
  • Create an email autoresponder series
  • Create a free giveaway to entice subscriptions
  • Create a 2-3 hour video-based training product to sell
  • Create an upsell product for an additional charge

For about a week, I studied the process in Niche Video Tycoon and found a book at that is in my niche. That is one of the “green light” indicators to go ahead and build one of these sites. The niche I’m pursuing is in a growing trend and I only found 2 paperback books on Amazon that are directly related to my niche. At Clickbank, I found one ebook for $27 that is an exact match for my niche and about 15 vaguely related products. The Clickbank product is cheap compared to the price I’ll charge for my info product. That’s the beauty of creating a video based product because the perceived value is higher. I then went to Market Samurai to begin my search for keywords.

Before I go any further, I want to let you know that I will not be revealing my keywords in this challenge as I did in the Niche Site Duel.  Thank you for understanding. One inportant thing to look for in the keyword research is the title competition. In Market Samurai’s keyword research tool, I’ll check mark the SEOTC box to get that info. I’ll be looking for keywords with an SEOTC of 5000 or less… if its less than 1000, even better. Without showing you my keywords, I’ll reveal the stats on the keywords I found in my niche:


  1. Searches: 590 – SEOTC: 1410
  2. Searches: 320 – SEOTC: 1250
  3. Searches: 260 – SEOTC: 77
  4. Searches: 260 – SEOTC: 454
  5. Searches: 260 – SEOTC: 35
  6. Searches: 260 – SEOTC: 380
  7. Searches: 210 – SEOTC: 772
  8. Searches: 210 – SEOTC: 59
  9. Searches: 210 – SEOTC: 1830
  10. Searches: 210 – SEOTC: 15
  11. Searches: 170 – SEOTC: 7
  12. Searches: 170 – SEOTC: 1710
  13. Searches: 140 – SEOTC: 8
  14. Searches: 140 – SEOTC: 1910
  15. Searches: 140 – SEOTC: 66
  16. Searches: 1600 – SEOTC: 11000 (might not be used)
  17. Searches: 1000 – SEOTC: 6120 (might not be used)

Each keyword is related to keyword #1. To me, it looks like I should be able to rank at least in the top 10 for my list of keywords. I’m staying pretty conservative on my estimates because I don’t want to get too over-confident in my ranking skills. Here’s a look at the competition of the top 5 keywords in my list:

Top 5 Low Competition Keywords

Some of the keywords have quite a few backlinks to them and higher page rank than I’d normally like to see but the “on page” factors look good and most of the sites aren’t even targeting my keyword. I’m still experimenting with ranking sites so we’ll see if my data analyzing skills measure up in a month or two.

Picking A Domain Name

I don’t know why this is so hard for me but I’m agonizing over the domain name for my site. I keep doing different combinations of the keywords and I’m being very unproductive because of the time I’m spending on this. But I eventually came to a decision. For the domain name, I chose  keyword #1. You might be wondering why I have keywords #16 and #17 in my list. Well, those 2 words are definitely related and I’d love to rank for them but the SEOTC is too high so I’m going to keep those on the backburner for now. In the end, I chose keyword number 1 because I’m able to get an exact match .com domain.

Building This Site Will Be Different For Me

One major thing that will be different when I’m building this site is that I will be outsourcing some of the work. I will not be writing all the articles for this site which removes a huge burden right off the top. This means I’ll have content for my site shortly after I’ve got WordPress installed. I’m also paying a friend to shoot some pictures and video that I will use on the site. The reason is that he lives 5 minutes from the location where I need the images shot… whereas I’d have to drive at least an hour to get to that same location. This saves me at least half a day!

Domain Name Purchase

But for now, I’m off to GoDaddy to get my domain and start the next part of the process.

Let’s Spice Things Up A Bit!

Actually, to compound the income potential and to make this project really interesting, I am not only creating the website I described above… but will be creating 2 additional sites in 2 other niches at the same time. So when I’m done, I’ll have a total of three websites built around the Niche Video Tycoon course. However, I will be mainly documenting the step-by-step progress of the first website. I hope you stay with me and see how this all turns out. See you in the next update!

  1. Good luck with your new niche site adventure. I’m looking forward to reading your updates.

  2. Harlan Yee permalink

    Hey Steve! Thanks for the support! This is moving a bit slower than I thought. Mainly because I’m getting my first virtual product (that I’ve been working on the last few months) ready to launch. Just testing the pages before it goes live. Then it’ll be full speed ahead on the first of these Niche Video Tycoon sites.

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