Niche Site Duel 9 – One Year Anniversary Stats and Earnings

by Harlan Yee on January 4th, 2012

I had been meaning to post my one year report back in October when my site was actually a year old. Now it is exactly one year and 2 months since I created my site. Overall, I am extremely happy with what I was able to accomplish on my very first niche website. If this is the first time you’re reading my Niche Site Duel updates, then I encourage you to read my first update where I explain that I had no experience creating or monetizing websites.

Wedding Slideshow Ideas

The image above is a freeze frame of one of the videos I made for the niche site with my Canon EOS 7D shot on a green screen.

Like many people getting into internet marketing, I had almost quit at one point. But after a few months of letting the site sit dormant, I decided to really put in some effort before throwing in the towel. I ended up finishing the site and monetizing it about 5 months after I initially installed WordPress. My previous updates explain in detail what I’ve done so far… so with this report, I’m going to show you current stats after one year online.


I have to say that I am pretty happy with the earnings for now especially because this site runs on autopilot. My only method of monetization is through a single affiliate program though Animoto. As you can see from the screenshot of my Animoto account, the monthly income fluxuates but there are a few months where the income is right around $100. The payout from Animoto is pretty high considering I’m not selling that many paid accounts each month.

In March, April and May, I was still building backlinks to the site and not getting much traffic. I’m hoping that in 2012, those months will produce near $100 levels.


Niche Site Stats At A Glance

  • Page Rank: 3
  • Primary Keyword Ranking (1000 exact local searches): #13
  • Secondary Keyword Ranking (480 exact local searches): #1
  • Number Of Pages: 17
  • Unique Visitors: 1068
  • Average Time On Site: 59 seconds
  • Email Subscibers: 114
  • First Year Earnings: $646.00
  • Number Of Sales Per Month: About 3
  • Number Of Months Monetized: 10

Oh, I thought you’d find this next pic interesting. It’s a shot of the first check I got from Animoto! It’s the cumulation of a few months of unpaid affiliate income. I wasn’t able to get a payout until I completed their affiliate forms but once I did, I was promptly paid for the efforts I made in the creation of Wedding Slideshow Ideas.

The money I’ve made in the first year with this one website is not too bad in my book. That’s way more than the interest I’d make in a savings account. I hope to increase this amount in 2012.

Future Plans

I’ve been running some ideas through my mind about what to do next with this site. I’ve thought about selling it for extra capital to fund other niche projects. But I don’t think I’m finished with the site so please don’t ask to buy it because I’m not selling. There is definitely potential to build this into a $200+ a month site. So what I’m thinking of doing is promoting the product to the professional users of Animoto’s services. That would mainly be wedding photographers or even professional photographers in general. The reason for this is that if I sell a Pro account, I get $50 commission for each sale! If you look at the earnings chart above, the months where I sold Animoto Pro accounts is usually where my income surpasses $100. I will probably focus specifically on promoting Animoto Pro later this year.

A new feature I’m adding to the site will be the use of Animoto Quickstart. It’s basically a coded button that takes the customer directly to the video creation page while tagging them with my affiliate link.

This eliminates the number of steps needed to get customers to sign up. I will also be able to pre-load Quickstart with photos, videos and audio of my choice which will further demonstrate how easy it is to use Animoto. Once customers are logged in, they can just hit the Create Video button or they can upload some of their own media before rendering out the final video. From there, they can upgrade to a paid account with a couple of clicks.

In the future, I’ll probably be adding the Animoto Video Creation Widget to my site which should convert customers even faster.

With the Video Creation Widget, my visitors will actually be able to create Animoto videos right from my niche site! Users will not be clicking away from my site when this is in place. At the moment, the widget seems a bit daunting to implement as it involves some coding but I should be able to figure it out.

I also have an idea to spin off this site into another wedding related niche site with an affiliate product that offers higher commissions than even the Animoto Pro account.

Last thing – One marketing tactic I’m thinking of trying is giving away a free slideshow as a prize in a wedding contest. This will be promoted on a radio station I have connections to. I’m not asking for money, I just want to provide the prize in exchange for publicity and mentions of my website on the air and on their website. This will be an easy prize to fulfill especially since it takes hardly any time to create a professional looking slideshow with Animoto. Of course, I will have to use Animoto Pro. It’ll create a better end product as a prize.

As you can see, I still have lots of ideas to develop this site out further.

What I’m Working On Now

Just before I put my niche site on autopilot, I had started building a virtual product. In fact, today, I submitted it for approval on Clickbank and will hopefully launch it the first or second week of January 2012. That product is an ebook cover creator called Ebook Cover Actions and it has come in handy for my other niche sites. I currently have plans for 5 different info/training products that are in various states of completion.

Ebook Cover Actions

I am also in the process of mass producing Adsense monetized sites. My first one was completed 2 weeks ago with a goal of 40-50 sites by June. I definitely plan on hiring a virtual assistant to help build these sites because it is a repeatable process that a VA can follow. I’m willing to put up a decent monetary investment into these Adsense sites. My keyword research skills have definitely improved. I’m no longer using Market Samurai because it is too slow. I have since switched to Long Tail Pro and it is a joy to use.

At this point, I’m thinking this might be my last Niche Site Duel update. I might write another update if my earnings skyrocket or something major happens. But if you want to follow another project I’m working on, I’ve got another series for you to follow. I call it my Niche Video Challenge. It is a journal of one of my info product sites I’m creating. So if you’re interested read about my next personal challenge. Thanks for following my niche site journey and good luck to you and your online income goals!


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  1. Congrats! Its nice your so open with the stat and earnings info.

  2. Harlan Yee permalink

    Thanks Steve,

    The detailed reporting is all a part of the Niche Site Duel I participated in. I’m now off to pursue other online projects with the experience I gained from this experiment.

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