Niche Site Duel 7 – My Site Is Now Generating Income

by Harlan Yee on May 10th, 2011

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated my Niche Site Duel progress but I’m happy to say that it has finally started to make money! I’m not on the first page of Google yet for my primary keyword but my visitor count is going up. After many months of very little traffic, things are looking up!

Primary Accomplishments

In April and May, I’ve been backlinking with the use of Blog Blueprint only. It’s really easy to use but the price is kinda high at $57 a month. I’ve only used it for 2 months and in the beginning, I was really good at submitting 3 posts first thing in the morning and then if I had time later in the day, I’d post more. This routine went on steady for about 2 weeks and then it got more sporadic. Sometimes days went by without using Blog Blueprint. In April, I hardly did anything on my niche site because I was building a virtual product which took almost all my time. If you want to check it out, go to Sorry, back onto the topic.

My site was unranked prior to using Blog Blueprint but now it sits at number 20 for the primary keyword “wedding slideshow” and number 3 for the keyword “wedding slideshow ideas”. My site has actually been ranked as high as number 9 but now it jumps between the 2nd and 3rd page of Google for the primary keyword.

At the end of the second month of using Blog Blueprint, I cancelled the service. Partly because I wasn’t using it enough and because I didn’t seem to be getting any higher in the rankings with it. Maybe if I kept up the regular submissions, my site would’ve kept climbing.

In a few days, I’m going to try a new ranking service called Build My Rank. All the reviews have been positive and it’s worth trying out. It’s only $2 more a month than Blog Blueprint at $59 for 5 domains. I’ll report my findings after a few weeks of usage.

Here are my site stats in Google Analytics:

To give an impression of authority, I created 2 videos for the site. One video is a short introduction video where I asked a friend of mine to be the spokeswoman. The second video is with me giving a wedding slideshow tutorial. I used Camtasia Studio for that tutorial but I’m probably going to have another female friend re-voice it because my site is geared towards a female audience. The videos are hosted on both YouTube and Vimeo but the embedded videos on my site are from Vimeo because I think the quality looks better.

Income Stats

The primary affiliate program I’m promoting at WeddingSlideshowIdeas dot com is Animoto. It pays $12 for every Plus Account sign up and $50 for every one-year Pro Account sign up. I’m not sure what the 3-month Pro Account commission is but probably not more than $20. I need to look into that. Anyways, I’m sure you’re ready to look at the earnings so here they are:

I’ve actually only earned $60 because the first $12 commission I earned was last year before I had my niche site. It was from a word of mouth referral. So $60 total is not a bad start for my first niche site! Had I not joined the Niche Site Duel, I would not have started making this income. I’m thinking that my commissions will start to grow soon because we’re in the beginning of the wedding season and business is sure to pick up. By the way, the column that says All-Access is really the Plus account. Animoto recently updated their naming system but it looks like they didn’t update their Earnings History page.

I’ve also added Google Adsense but the earnings are measly. Less than $1 so nothing big to report there. There are a few Amazon links on there but I have not even gotten one click from those.

Future Plans

One thing I definitely want to add is a directory for wedding coordinators or somthing similar. I believe coordinators are going to be a key factor in generating interest and traffic to my site. Not sure how I’m going to do it but it’s going to be challenging now that I have 4 sites I’m working on. I also hope to have more interaction with Animoto since I have a friend that works there.

Soon there will also be an opt-in form with an email newsletter and ebook available for people who want to sign up.


I’m hoping that using Build My Rank will help me break onto the first page of Google. That should definitely increase the traffic to my site. I also plan on doing some more tutorial videos to help explain creative uses for Animoto. And hopefully I’ll be on the first page of Google!

Niche Site Updates

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  1. Hey Harlan,

    I’m Tyrone Shum’s VA/Personal Assistant and I’m here to let you know that we’ve just launched Outsourcing Live which is our main blog now (we have recently converted as static website for contacting/booking purposes only).

    So in regards to that, we have compiled all our Niche Site Duel posts/post updates to as well where we have also included your website as one of the participants in the challenge (similar to Pat Flynn’s Niche Site Duel Hub). Check out this page:

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    Also if you love this page and our new site, we’ll be more than happy if you share this with your networks too or like us at

    Warm regards and good luck to your niche site progress!

  2. Hi Harlan,

    thanks for this interesting blog-series. I just wanted to drop a comment to tell I’ve read all the seven posts in one go – I couldn’t stop.
    And by the way, your “struggle” comforts me a bit ;-)
    It always sounds so easy, just setup a niche site and earn money. Nobody tells you that it takes a lot of time.

    As I see your ads are big blocks that are easy to recognize and to skip. Maybe you should let the text flow around the eyes and the background color does really stick out, so ads are easily spotted and ignored.

    I’m waiting for another part of your niche-site-serie. Thanks.

  3. Harlan Yee permalink

    Hi Anna,

    I’m learning a lot along the way. I think I’ve made ok progress considering I started with no experience at the beginning of the duel. While this blog isn’t about niche sites, I had to post my results here because it was the only website I had at the time. My main goal is to get my niche site ranking on the first page of Google but it isn’t budging from it’s current positioning between the 2nd and 3rd page. I’m doing very conservative backlinking at the moment at 1 to 3 backlinks a day. My next update probably won’t happen until I can get a major jump in my rankings. Thanks for commenting!

  4. Hi Harlan,

    I’ll stay tuned and cross my fingers for the next major jump in your rankings.


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