Niche Site Duel 6 – Building Backlinks

by Harlan Yee on March 18th, 2011

Its been several months since I’ve worked on my niche site Wedding Slideshow Ideas but I’ve finally found the motivation continue on with it. I fell into the a lull that affects a lot of new bloggers. But I have to tell you where I found my motivation. In the months that my niche site had been sitting dormant, I was working on this site, The Render Q. I realized I had a decent amount of traffic to monetize this site so in February, I joined Amazon Associates and was busy building affiliate links to all the old and new posts.

The real motivation came from the results I got from just one month after monetizing The Render Q. This site made $172.92 in February. My first ever online income! As a result, I signed up for Aweber and started my email list for The Render Q. I’ve almost paid for the entire year subscription to Aweber in my first month!

But back onto the topic of the niche site duel with Wedding Slideshow Ideas dot com. I know that traffic is the key to higher profits and my wedding site is getting 0 to 5 visits a day. Here’s how I’m going to try to increase that number… Using the great information from Pat Flynn’s The Backlinking Strategy That Works, I’m building backlinks to my site through article marketing.

After doing this for a few days now, I’ve got to say that this takes some considerable time. At the time that I’m writing this, I’ve set up my Web 2.0 sites and blogs and awaiting approval from Ezine Articles for my first article. I’ll set up the rest of the article directory accounts soon.

Using Blog Blueprint

I’ve also subscribed to Blog Blueprint to get some links from PR3+ websites. Blog Blueprint is easy to use and you only need a 100 word article which is almost too easy to do, but you have to keep doing it. BB allows you to post a maximum of 20 posts a day.

I’ve been diligently splitting up the Blog Blueprint submissions between my 2 sites. I need to start maximizing my usage of BB in order to get my money’s worth because I’m not hitting that daily 20 post limit. I hear that some bloggers are getting good rankings using BB alone but I’m still going to get The Best Spinner and Unique Article Wizard soon. It should pay for itself in the future.

I’m keeping track of my article submissions using the Ultimate Backlink Tracker from Eric over at My 4 Hour Workweek. He’s done a great job setting up his link tracker which is well organized.

Spinning Articles The First Time Around

I’m going through my first round of articles without the use of spinning software. Not sure why I’m putting myself through this but maybe I don’t want to spend too much money just yet.

Like I said before, I’ll get the other article software soon. But for this first round, I’m using the synonym tool in Microsoft Word to help spin my articles. It’s slow and definitely a manual way to do it but it’s working for now.

I’m Actually Learning From This Experience

I’ve learned a lot since I started my niche site. Here are some things I’m working on or will work on that are on the technical end of things:

  • Setting up my robots.txt file
  • Setting up a 301 redirect from my www URL to my non-www URL
  • Added Google Analytics code to my site

The robots.txt file is used to tell Google what to do when it indexes your site. I’m using it to tell Google which links not to index like categories, privacy policy and disclosure policy pages, etc. I also realized that my site is indexed with a non-www URL so that’s why I’m going to redirect traffic from my www URL. I can do this through Google Webmaster Tools but I think I’ll just do the 301 redirect.

Here’s the reason why I think my site is a non-www site. All you experts out there let me know if I’m right about this (I’m still learning you know)! WP is redirecting my site to with the current set up. This is in the General Settings of my WordPress admin panel. I’ll have to try to remember to change the address to one that has “http://www” immediately in future WordPress installations.

WordPress Running Super Slow (Painfullly Slow!)

Over the past few months, I’ve been noticing that both my WordPress sites are running super slow. I’m on GoDaddy hosting. Today, it took 44 seconds just to get to the WP login screen. Then 2.5 minutes to get the Dashboard fully loaded and :26 seconds for my site to load after typing in the URL into my browser. People aren’t going to wait more than 5 seconds for a site to load so this is really a problem and I’m working on a T3 internet connection.

So I called GoDaddy support today and they ran some tests and they saw the same slowness. I told them I already knew about deactivating plugins and stuff like that. I didn’t have anything special on these sites for them to be running this slow.

After more testing, the guy suggested upgrading my shared hosting to their new 4GH server. He said eventually everyone would be migrated to 4GH. He set it up for my account and said I’ll have to wait at least 48 hours for the migration to be completed. Well, the next day, things improved significantly and I access time to my sites are instant now… at least its normal like I’d expect. Before, writing a blog post and uploading photos (web optimized photos) was taking such a long time, making my blogging experience unbearable.

Where I’m At Now

Here’s a shot of my niche site from Market Samurai. No backlinks reported for now but at least I have all the on-page factors optimized! Hopefully there will be decent backlink numbers in my next report. I’ve got a long road ahead of me to try to rank on the first page of Google.

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