Niche Site Duel 5 – Getting My Website Online

by Harlan Yee on January 3rd, 2011

I finally made a decision on what to do about hosting. I decided to shut down my Digital Camera Producer website to host my new website on that account. The reason is that I don’t want to sink more money than I have to on a new webhost. If I was making an online income, I would’ve decided differently. My digital camera website is going be reborn again soon with another name after some much needed keyword research.

Transferring Blog Posts

I transferred some of the best articles from Digital Camera Producer to The Render Q. There were only 10 articles I wanted to keep so I spent about 2 hours manually spinning the articles and uploading to The Render Q. I then scheduled them to automatically publish on future dates. This will give me a good run of articles without having to write new content for a little while. By the time you’re reading this, Digital Camera Producer will no longer exist.

WordPress Installation and Set-Up

After logging into my GoDaddy admin panel, I went to the Manage Files tab to delete files and folders from my old website. Now I have a fresh start. Since I didn’t buy my domain and hosting at the same time, I have to manually set the nameservers to have the url WeddingSlideshowIdeas dot com point to my hosting account. I did this once before and found it wasn’t too hard… even for a newbie.

Actually, that isn’t true. I spent some time trying to figure out why I kept getting an error when I tried to install WordPress. It was saying something like a previous WordPress installation still exists on this server even after I deleted the files from my root directory. Eventually, I found where to do a proper uninstallation of WordPress which removed some database files which I couldn’t access, eventually solving my problem.

Once the domain has been linked to my hosting account, I can start my new installation of WordPress. GoDaddy offers an easy One-Click installation. Simply follow the on-screen instructions, it’ll walk you through each step. It took a little time for GoDaddy set up things on their end before I could start using WordPress.

In the last post, I said I was going to use a theme from Dannci at Beatheme but after playing around with a few of them, I decided to use the free Intrepidity theme from the WordPress theme library instead. This theme is better suited for what I wanted to do with my site.


WordPress Plug-Ins I’m Using

Here are the plug-ins I installed. They’re all free.

  • Stats
  • Google XML Sitemap
  • All-In-One SEO Pack
  • Pretty Link
  • Sociable
  • TechTreak Top Ads
  • Tweet Meme
  • FB Meme


Header Graphic

I created a header graphic for my site using software I already had. If you want to see the process of creating my header graphic, see this post Creating A WordPress Header Logo With Photoshop And After Effects. When I finished, I saved the graphic and named it my target keyword of “wedding slideshow” before uploading to WordPress.


Adding Pages

I wrote an About page that tells visitors what my site is about. For me, the About page is really important and is usually one of the first pages I look at when I visit a new blog or website. It gives me an idea of what to expect on a particular site or the background info of the site author.

I then added pages for my Privacy and Disclosure Policy. Those are found in a drop down menu under the About tab at the top of my website.

The basic website is now live with one introductory blog post.

Next Steps

Here’s my To Do list for the next few weeks to get my site fully functional for visitors.

  • Write Blog Posts - I have about 7 posts that are about 90% complete
  • Video Tutorials – I will be using Camtasia Studio for these tutorials
  • Create An Introductory Video – I want an introduction video on my front page. I’ve contacted a friend and she’s going to star in it for me. The script is written, I just need to read over it a few more times.
  • Hire A Female Voice – For my video tutorials, I want a female voice simply because of the niche I’m in. I could use the same girl from my introductory video but I actually have someone else in mind for the video tutorials. I want someone upbeat that can relate in a friendly way to viewers.
  • Get An Animoto Pro Account – There are advantages of having the Pro account when creating Animoto videos. When I’m ready, I’ll purchase a membership for the creation of my tutorials. Or better yet, I might ask my friend Nate at Animoto if he can set me up with an account. I hear he’s in town for a bit and maybe I could shoot an interview with him for my site.
  • Backlinking – I will start on backlinks as soon as I get some of the above steps completed. I don’t need them all completed but I want at least a few articles on there before I start backlinking. I will also purchase Market Samurai to help me out with this. I used the trial version to target my keyword.
  • Sign Up For Google Analytics – A web developer co-worker recommended that I sign up for Google Analytics as soon as I get my site up and running. That way, I can start building a historical overview of with my website right from the beginning. I’ve actually already completed this step and added my other site to Google Analytics as well.
  • Write An eBook – I want to have an opt-in form on my site to collect email addresses so I will write an eBook to encourage sign-ups. I have a general idea of what the book will be about. Just need to get started now and I’ll fine tune it later.
  • Create An eBook Cover – I made a few of these already for practice and they’re not too hard to do. I’ve actually created a Photoshop actionscript that will literally allow me to create my cover in less than a minute. I’m still testing it but I might make that script available in the future if anyone is interested.
  • Write Autoresponder Emails – When I start my email newsletter, I’m going to need a series of messages I can send out to all subscribers. These emails will consist of wedding photo tips and sales content with affiliate links. I want to have at least 3 – 4 months worth of emails ready to go.


What I’ve Learned So Far

Starting a website takes time… even if its a WordPress site. It isn’t hard but there are quite a few steps in getting it ready. The biggest killer in my productivity is distraction. There’s always something getting in the way when you have family, full-time and freelance work. I think what I need to do is implement a written schedule of what I want to accomplish each week. I do this in my regular work so why shouldn’t I do this with my own stuff? We’ll see how this goes. There’s just a lot of things I want to do and it’s not going very fast! See you in the next update.

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