Make an Iron Man Arc Reactor for Tony Stark Cosplay – DIY Ultra Thin Wearable with LEDs

by Harlan Yee on November 1st, 2016

I really feel like Tony Stark with this easy to make Arc Reactor that won’t break your budget! It’s not meant to be pretty looking but it looks good when glowing under your shirt. My DIY Arc Reactor is powered by AA batteries and a string of micro LED lights so it won’t get hot against your chest. And it’s super thin! I don’t really like costume parties but the Arc Reactor is impressive and it’s virtually unnoticeable when the LEDs are powered off. The main part of the Arc Reactor is made of CDs or DVDs. I used a regular sized DVD and a mini-CD-R disc. Also, we will need the clear filler disc found at the bottom of every stack of blank discs.


The only thing you need to buy are the micro LED lights. This project uses a small string of 20 lights. You can use whatever color you want but the Blue LED lights are more authentic looking when building your Arc Reactor. You may even need to purchase some of the mini-CD-R discs if you don’t have any around.

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