Lunch Q: Northshore Hawaiian BBQ

by Harlan Yee on October 26th, 2009

NorthShoreBBQ17One of the things we look forward to most on a typical day of shooting or editing is lunchtime! We were heading to our favorite spot for Vietnamese sandwiches when we saw Northshore Hawaiian BBQ. Now this isn’t the first time I’d seen this place. I’ve passed by this little restaurant many times on my way back from the International District. We were at the stoplight right next to the restaurant and decided to try it. Maybe we weren’t craving Vietnamese sandwiches today. So we made a quick u-turn into the parking lot. The place looks like it could’ve been a small gas station at one time. When we walked in, the place looked small but was adorned with Hawaiian style decor. There were only a few tables in sight when the waiter greeted us and they were all full. I thought we were going to have to wait, but the waiter lead us back towards the kitchen and through a doorway to reveal a great dining room that was completely open on one side. It reminded me of a relaxing beach eatery in Maui complete with surfboard mounted to the wall. The menu offered a lot of things you’d expect from a Hawaiian luau. I was torn between the Kalua pork sandwich or the Hawaiian BBQ Mix.



My videographer Mark went with the mix with fried rice and salad. Nice colorful presentation! Looks delicious! I also went with the BBQ mix except with the standard white rice and macaroni salad. 


While we waited for the food to arrive, I checked out the bar. Unfortunately, no colorful mixed drinks for me today!


When the food arrived, my plate looked good but Mark’s looked better. I should’ve opted for the fried rice and salad! The entrée portion of the BBQ mix included a tasty offering of thinly cut chicken, beef and short-ribs. The meal was very good, however, I would’ve liked to have had a steak knife instead of a butter knife to cut the meat. I’ll defintely be back to try some other items on the menu.




It would’be been nice if the open air dining room faced a relaxing beach instead of a busy intersection. But on a nice day in Seattle, you can’t complain!




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