Lunch Q: Ivar’s Restaurants Mukilteo Landing

by Harlan Yee on December 27th, 2009

Ivar’s Restaurants have a long and famous history in Seattle. Up until a few years ago, I mostly associated Ivar’s with their fish and chip seafood bars… even though I knew they have several restaurants in the area. However, I’m now a regular visitor to their full service restaurants, namely Ivar’s Mukiteo Landing which is right next to the Mukilteo ferry dock in the northern end of Puget Sound.

Ivars Mukilteo Landing 13

Ivars Mukilteo Landing 8

On Christmas Eve, we celebrated my birthday at Ivar’s Mukilteo Landing with family from out of town. I’ve always enjoyed sitting next to the window and watching the ferry load and unload right next to the restaurant. However, it was extremely foggy today and you could barely see the dock from the panoramic windows in the back of the restaurant.

Ivars Seafood Stew

Today, I decided to try something different than my usual fried combo. I perused the online menu the night before and decided on the Possession Sound Seafood Stew. It’s a tomato based soup with all my seafood favorites – clams, mussels, salmon, halibut, scallops and a king crab leg accompanied with garlic parmesean bread. It’s really a cioppino and pretty tasty.

Ivars Fried Seafood Combo

My brother ordered the usual dish I get, the Ivar’s Fried Seafood Combo. If you like fried seafood, this is the dish to get. It includes fried cod, clams and shrimp along with french fries. It also comes with a couple of dipping sauces. Perfect if you have a fried food craving.

Ivars Seafood Saute

Another dish we ordered was the Mukilteo Classic Seafood Sauté. An excellent dish with salmon, halibut, true cod, scallops, prawns, mushrooms, zucchini, tarragon crab butter sauce and Yukon garlic mashed potatoes in a light creamy sauce. I would have to say this is my new favorite dish at Ivar’s and will definitely order it next time!

Ivars Jumbo Prawns and Chips

We also had the Jumbo Prawns and Chips. As the name describes, large fried prawns on a bed of french fries.  If you’re a fan of fried prawns, get this one.

Ivars Mukilteo Landing 4

Another reason I really like going to Ivar’s Mukilteo Landing is that they have a nice kids menu which we always order from. We usually order fried chicken strips, mac and cheese, kids fried shrimp or the hamburger. The kids menu has always pleased our kids. They also get crayons and coloring pages while they wait for their food.

Mukilteo Ferry

And if you’re waiting for the ferry, you can walk up to their outdoor seafood bar and order something quick to go. It’s between the ferry dock and the main entrance to the restaurant… you can’t miss it! Obviously, the photo above wasn’t taken on Christmas Eve. The fog was so dense that the picture would’ve been completely white!

Ivars Mukilteo Landing 7

One thing the restaurant manager showed us today was what he called the “hatch”. I’d never noticed it before but it’s literally a hatch in the floor that opens up and you can see the water splashing up on the shore under the restaurant.

Ivars Mukilteo Landing 5

Ivars Mukilteo Landing 1

I always have a hard time finding good restaurants in the northern end of the Puget Sound and I’m glad to have Ivar’s nearby as one of my dining choices.

Mukilteo Lighthouse Park

On a nice (or non-rainy) day, visit the Mukilteo Lighthouse Park before or after dining at Ivar’s. Its within walking distance and is right on the water… the view of the water is incredible! In low tides, you can find sea life under the rocky shores.

Ivars Mukilteo Landing 3

Ivars Mukilteo Landing 14

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