iPad Simulation with Canon 7D Chroma Key

by Harlan Yee on September 28th, 2010

This is a green screen test with the Canon 7D for a future project. We wanted to create the look of an iPod/iPad touchscreen interface where we’ll use hands to resize photos on the screen.


We mounted the 7D on a small jib arm. This allowed us to point the lens straight down while allowing our ‘hand’ volunteer to have enough room right under the camera.



Our volunteer needed to see his hands while recording but at the time, I hadn’t purchased an HDMI cable yet so instead, I used the A/V cable that was included with my 7D. We were then able to send video to a 42″ plasma screen through the analog composite input so we could see what we were doing. Because we were using the analog output, we had to activate the ’squeeze’ mode so our viewing aspect ratio was correct. Once I start using the HDMI output, the video signal from the 7D should fill the entire screen. Our test was shot 1080p at 30fps.



I used Keylight in After Effects to key out the green and I think it turned out pretty good! I created a background in Photoshop and then keyframed the movements of the pictures so it looks like the hands are sliding and resizing the photos. If we shoot it for real, I think we’ll use a green screen on the wall instead. Here’s the final result of the test video.

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