Imorden Falcon F-2 Shoulder Sling Review for DSLRs – How to Carry a Camera and Not Look Like a Tourist

by Harlan Yee on March 28th, 2017

For years I really disliked the neck strap that came with my Canon camera. I always thought that it put my camera in an inconvenient spot whenever I wore it. To me, having the camera hang between my chest and stomach felt really uncomfortable especially walking around. It would swing weird and is in the way of things. Not to mention I felt like I looked like a tourist.

However, with the Imorden Falcon F-2 Shoulder Sling, carrying around my DSLR is now very comfortable and it sits safely on my hip. Here’s my video review of the Imorden camera sling:


The Imorden Shoulder Sling uses several metal buckles to connect the different straps. These are not going to break!

Imorden Shoulder Sling 1


Attaching your camera is easy with the metal ball joint connector. It securely fastens your camera to the shoulder strap and they also include a safety strap so you won’t accidentally drop your camera when detaching from the connector.

Imorden Shoulder Sling 3


I take this setup with me everywhere I go now. This is easily one of the best accessories I have for my DSLR!

Imorden Shoulder Sling 5

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