Imorden Carbon Fiber DSLR and Video Camera Slider Review

by Harlan Yee on June 12th, 2017

Camera sliders add an extra dimension to your shots. And this carbon fiber slider from Imorden is a handy tool that can help you create cinematic shots. I mainly shoot product videos for my YouTube channel and it helps me stand out from other product reviewers with my moving shots. The tracks on the Imorden sliders are made of light-weight carbon fiber tubing and are very smooth.

The ends have adjustable legs that can be pivoted and the feet are also adjustable for uneven surfaces. There’s a quarter-inch screw on the dolly to attach a tripod head for your camera. The dolly is quite large and offers several mounting holes for accessories including quarter-inch and 3/8” inch. Movement of the dolly is incredibly smooth even with heavier cameras. But the actual smoothness in your shot depends on how steady your hand is when sliding.

Imorden Carbon Fiber DSLR Camera Slider Review

The ends of the slider has five quarter-inch screw holes but none on the bottom. That means you need to be creative when connecting two tripods on the ends. However, with the mounting screws on the ends, you can get more stable shots on this slider. Using 2 tripods is the first and best method. I’m using Manfrotto Compact Advanced tripods. You can see how the tripods stabilize the slider in my video review below:

The quick release plates screw into the both ends of the slider. With the tripod heads tilted forward, simply click the plates into the tripod head. Now do the same on the other side. With this set up, there is no drooping of the slider and because the release plates have a non-slip surface, the slider won’t accidently rotate.

Imorden Carbon Fiber DSLR Camera Slider Review

The 2nd method is using two light stands. I used stands that have quarter inch screws on the studs which attach to the ends of the slider. This is a fairly stable set up but it can rotate on the studs and potentially be hazardous to your camera if you’re not careful! Overall this is a high quality slider and is really smooth! It comes in three different lengths. 32 inch, 40 inch and 48 inch and comes with its own carrying bag.

Imorden Carbon Fiber DSLR Camera Slider Review

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