IKAN VX9 HDMI Monitor Demo For Canon 7D

by Harlan Yee on November 16th, 2010

I recently got to test the IKAN VX9 HDMI monitor with my Canon 7D. If you’re used to shooting with an external monitor during your field productions, then the VX9 is a must have for DSLR video cameras. It’s lightweight and has several good options for AC and battery power. One item you’ll need to purchase is a mini-HDMI cable if you want to take advantage of the HDMI output of the 7D or T2i.IKAN_Monitor-With-Canon-7D-020

The overall feel of the monitor seems a little cheap and I think it would break apart if dropped any distance. But it has lots of features even professional videographers would find useful. I’ve even used it with a Betacam and it’s great when you want to pack light. Here’s my video demo of the IKAN VX9’s features for DSLR video.


[View this video on YouTube]

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