IKAN VX9 HDMI External Monitor Modified For Use With My Canon 7D

by Harlan Yee on March 25th, 2011

I was going to make a video demonstration for this modification but I only had access to an IKAN VX9 HDMI external monitor for a short time and didn’t get around to shooting the video tutorial. But I did take pictures so at least you’ll still get to see how you can add a Sony professional Betacam battery plate to the back of the VX9. FYI, IKAN sells a professional battery adapter plate that mounts to their monitors but with my method, you can rig it up for free like I did if you’ve got some Betacam battery parts laying around.

This is especially useful if you are switching from a a bulky professional monitor with a modular battery plate to the VX9… but still want to be able to use your expensive batteries.

Here is our Sony monitor with the Betacam battery plate mounted to the top. First remove the screws that hold it in place. They are the 2 silver screws that are near the back of the monitor by the handle.

Here are the components you’ll need. I found a bracket lying around that I think was one side of a rack mounting bracket for a professional rack mounted component. Additional items needed are two short #3 metric screws. A Sony BKW-L601 professional XLR battery adapter plate (which we took from our old NTSC monitor). Two M4 0.7 pitch screws to mount the assembly to the back of the VX9 (not shown in the picture). Please don’t quote me on the size of the screws, these were just the ones I found lying around and I had help guessing their sizes.

Flip the battery plate upside down and look for these two screw holes.

Line up the openings of the bracket to the 2 screw holes at the top of battery plate.

Insert the #3 metric screw through a washer and carefully tighten the screw into the back of the battery plate. Repeat with the second screw.

This is our assembly ready to be attached to the VX9.

Set the VX9 face down on a table. You’ll see 4 screw holes which are in a 100mm VESA standard configuration for wall mounts and monitor arms or stands.

For our purposes, I’m only using the top 2 screw holes.

Now set the battery plate assembly onto the back of the VX9. Align the bracket openings to the 2 screw mounting holes toward the top of the VX9. I used some black gaffers tape to protect the back of the VX9 where the bracket makes contact with the plastic back panel. Carefully tighten the screws on each side.

The modification is complete. Even with just the 2 screws holding the assembly on the monitor, it feels like it is attached solidly.

The final step is to plug the cord into the XLR power receptacle in the back of the VX9 and it’s ready to go!

Slip in a brick battery, make your video connections and power it up!

Now, instead of a light weight field monitor, we’ve made use of a long lasting professional battery and added a considerable amount of weight to the IKAN VX9.

Unfortunately because of the height of this particular battery plate, you will not be able to mount the IKAN VX9 to a tripod using the bottom screw mount without some sort of extension. See how it extends beyond the bottom of the monitor? However, the VX9 does have tripod mounting screws on all 4 sides of the monitor so you could probably rig something up.

You can use the battery as a grip/handle for the monitor as well. It does get heavy after holding it for awhile but it’ll help build your muscles!

That’s it! A new found use for Betacam batteries you might have lying around.

Additional Battery Mounts

If you have prosumer camcorders with extra batteries, you can use those same batteries with this monitor because IKAN also makes kits for different battery brands. Here’s a list of the different battery brands it can accomodate.

Sony Battery Plate
Ikan VX9-S 8.9in HD-SDI LCD Monitor with Sony DV Battery Plate

Ikan VX9 Deluxe Kit for Sony with Monitor, Charger, Battery and Hard Case

Panasonic Battery Plate
Ikan VX9-P 8.9in HD-SDI LCD Monitor with Panasonic DV Battery Plate

Canon Battery Plate
Ikan VX9-C 8.9in HD-SDI LCD Monitor with Canon DV Battery Plate

If you’re interested in learning more about the monitor, I did a video review of the IKAN VX9 not too long ago. You can see it here:

IKAN VX9 HDMI Monitor Demo For Canon 7D

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