How To Use Replace Parts In Edius To Swap Clips

by Harlan Yee on May 23rd, 2011

I have been an Edius user for over 2 years now and I was always frustrated with the fact that I couldn’t easily replace a clip on the timeline. I knew how to do it in Adobe Premiere and After Effects… why couldn’t I do it in Edius? The “Replace Parts” menu was always shaded and not accessible. I didn’t even know if replacing clips was what “Replace Parts” was for.

But today I had a great revelation that “Replace Parts” is exactly the function I was looking for in Edius. Now I can see my workflow going even faster.

I produce 50+ television commercials each year and I revisit a lot of them each year simply to swap out dates, graphics, audio and whatever… leaving most of the commercial intact. Now that I know how to use “Replace Parts”, the job of updating these spots every year has become easier.

I actually have a client that I work with twice a month and we use the same timelines for all our spots. We simply swap out all the images for new images of about the same size. I am looking forward to my next edit session so I can see how much faster editing with this client is going to be.

Here’s how I use “Replace Parts” in Grass Valley Edius 5:

In the clip bin, highlight the clip you want to replace on the timeline. Hit CTRL-C to copy the clip to the clipboard.

Now highlight the clip on your timeline that you want replaced.

Click on the icon that kinda looks like a book under the preview window. You’ll see all the functions you can perform now. Click on “Clip” or hit Shift-R to replace the clip only. You can see that there are other options where you can swap out filters and mixers.

Please note that if you do not copy a clip from the bin to your clipboard, this menu will be shaded and you can’t access the functions.

After you hit Shift-R, the clip on the timeline is immediately replaced with the new clip. This will work for video clips, titles, Photoshop images, audio and more.

Maybe you already knew this technique but if you didn’t, I hope this tutorial will help speed up your editing. If you know more shortcuts in Edius, let me know. I’m always looking for quicker ways to do things!

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