How to Use an External Microphone on Android Phone with 3.5mm Headphone Jack

by Harlan Yee on November 1st, 2016

Connecting and recording audio from an external microphone on an Android phone should be an easy thing to do but many people have found that it is not as simple as it seems. On the surface, one would think that you just plug the microphone in and it should naturally work. But if you’ve tried it you know it won’t work.

There are not dedicated jacks for headphones or microphones on Android devices. Headphones work perfectly fine on Android but so do microphones. You just have to know how. The only place you can plug in a microphone is in the headphone jack. But to get the microphone to work you’ll need an adapter cable. The single port fully functions as a microphone input as well as an audio output for headphones. In my video, I’ll show you exactly how to get a 3.5mm microphone up and running on your Android device.


The adapter cable I used in the video is from and I carry it with me all the time now. The StarTech adapter splits the audio connections to and from the phone into separate jacks/ports. When it’s plugged in, you now have the ability to plug in a microphone and headphone in at the same time. Both will function at the same time also.

The StarTech TRS to TRRS adapter is available on Amazon for under $7 and is a useful cable to have around for many devices that only have one headphone jack.

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