How To Gain Experience Without Any Experience

by Harlan Yee on March 31st, 2010

Walkabout-Media-5Before my website for Walkabout Media was completed, I had created about 9 different sample videos between 2-4 minutes long as examples to show on the site. The reason I created these examples is to show what I could do for clients, even when I didn’t have any real client examples!  I believe this is good practice that can be applied to many situations. I often hear the question, “How do you show or sell your services when you haven’t done any real work yet?” Well, why not create example work with your knowledge and expertise? That way, you won’t be empty-handed if people ask to see your work.

I spent lots of free time creating my examples, because hey, why not use my time to do something that could potentially help me in the future? So I created a new example video every 2 days until I felt I had a decent number of videos to post on my site. This website was also a great way for me to learn Dreamweaver, sort of. I haven’t done anything with Dreamweaver since building this site. Overall, I think it turned out decent looking considering I didn’t really know what I was doing.


Sadly though, I will be pulling the plug on Walkabout Media. In the end, it became an experiment of how to gain experience when you don’t have experience or real client examples as mentioned before. The operating plan for Walkabout Media was based on creating video content for plasma/LCD, aka Digital Signage. It wasn’t that it didn’t have potential, it was probably that I didn’t have as much passion in this business as I thought I did. I still think it is a great idea but my interests lie elsewhere now. As with everything I work on, everything is experimental and I take every opportunity as a leanring experience.


For students getting ready to graduate and head out and look for a job, creating artwork or videos geared towards the type of work you want to do is a great way to show you have experience to companies. All employers hiring creative personnel want to see your portfolio so in your free time, create a personal portfolio that you’ll be proud to show! You’ll gain an advantage over others competing for the same job. What do you have to lose?


Walkabout Media will be replaced with a new business idea I am currently working on. I hope to have it launched later this year.

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