How To Create An eBook Cover In Photoshop Part 3

by Harlan Yee on February 24th, 2010

Update: I’ve made my Photoshop ebook templates available to everyone at my website dedicated to ebook covers. Take a look at There, you can download my ebook cover demo.

Welcome to Part 3 of How to Create An eBook Cover in Photoshop. If you’ve been following along, in Part 1, we created the artwork for our ebook. In Part 2, we created our basic ebook that is ready to use. In this last lesson, we will add a reflection for those who want to add a little more impact with their ebook cover. You should now be familiar with the Photoshop tools we’ve used to get to this point.

Step 1


Select the cover layer in the Layers menu. Hit Ctrl-J (mac: Cmd-J) to duplicate the cover layer. Then in the Layers menu, drag the newly duplicated layer to the bottom of the stack. Now click Edit>Free Transform. Click and drag the top-center anchor point down until you have an image of the cover that is upside down.

Step 2


Here we have the upside down cover but notice the bottom edges aren’t touching. We’re about to fix that.

Step 3


Activate the Rectangular Marquee tool and draw a rectangular selection around the spine on the upside down layer.

Step 4


Select Edit>Transform>Skew and drag the left-center anchor point up until the bottom spine matches up with the top spine. Hit Return/Enter.

Step 5


Repeat with the upside down cover. Using the Rectangular Marquee tool and draw a rectangular selection around the upside down cover.

Step 6


Select Edit>Transform>Skew and drag the right-center anchor point up until the bottom cover matches up with the top cover. Hit Return/Enter. Hit Ctrl-D (mac: Cmd-D) to remove the selection around the upside down cover.

Step 7


With the upside down cover layer selected in the Layers menu, click the Add Layer Mask icon at the bottom of the window. You’ll see a new thumbnail linked by a chain icon.

Step 8


Activate the Gradient tool. Select black as the foreground color and white as a background color. Then click and drag up from the bottom of the upside down cover to about where my book says “Text and Photography”. You’ll instantly see your reflection. If you didn’t get it quite right, you can repeat the click and drag process with the Gradient tool until you get the reflection exactly the way you want it.

eBook Completed!


And there you have it! A nice looking ebook cover that you can use to start marketing your electronic documents. Save to your desired file format.

Remember: Don’t forget to visit where you can create the ebook cover you just read about in a matter of minutes. I’ve done all the work for you! I spent a lot of time making almost 40 different types of ecovers that you can recreate exactly by using my Photoshop actions. Visit now and download my demo. It’s super easy to use!

  1. Federico permalink

    Hi, wonderful tutorial. Is possible to download the .psd file??

  2. Harlan Yee permalink

    Hi Federico,

    I don’t have that PSD file that I used in the tutorial anymore, however, I’m working on a new ebook cover template that will be available as a Photoshop actionscript which will be much more useful and easy to customize with your own text and graphics. I’m just trying to figure the best way to distribute it when it’s ready. I’ll try to let you know when it’ll be available.

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