How To Create An eBook Cover In Photoshop Part 1

by Harlan Yee on February 22nd, 2010

Update: I’ve made my Photoshop ebook templates available to everyone at my website dedicated to ebook covers. Take a look at There, you can download my ebook cover demo.

eBook-Photoshop-24eBooks are extremely popular on the internet. They’re easy to write and you can make money online selling them or giving them away as an incentive for your customers. If you’re an expert on a topic, you can write an ebook and distribute it online. However, ebooks don’t have a physical form since they are just bits of electronic data. By creating an ebook cover, you give your electronic data an appearance of a nice  “package” that looks enticing to potential customers.

In this 3 part tutorial, I’ll help you create an ebook that is easy to make and looks great. I’m using Photoshop CS3 but the lessons should still apply even if you’re using older versions of Photoshop. Here’s how I’ve structured this tutorial so you can skip around:

As a disclaimer, I’m going to assume you know some of the basics of Photoshop and how to navigate it’s menus along with knowing how to locate the tools we’re going to use in this tutorial. So with that in mind, we’ll get started.

Step 1


Open Photoshop and create a new canvas. I used 720×792 square pixel aspect ratio. To set your pixel aspect ratio, open the Advanced tab. If you want to use your ebook cover in print work, I’d recommend setting your Resolution to 300. Hit OK.

Step 2


Choose 2 similar colors for your foreground and background colors. Activate the gradient tool and click and drag from either the bottom of the screen up or from the top of the screen down. Repeat this until you get the gradient just the way you like. You can adjust this later if it doesn’t work with the images you’re going to add in the next step.

Step 3


Now we’re going to open a photo or 2 to be used as a background image. Hit Ctrl-O (mac: Cmd-O) to open your image. Select the move tool and drag the photo to the window with the gradient background you just created. I used the Color Burn transfer mode and dropped the opacity to 25%. Repeat this step if you have a 2nd photo you want to add.

Step 4


Now we’re going to activate the Rectangular Marquee tool and create a new layer. Draw a rectangle on the new layer, then select 2 new foreground and background colors. Activate the Gradient tool and drag across the selection you just made. If you don’t like the way the gradient looks, drag across again until you achieve the desired look.

Step 5


Hit Ctrl-O (mac: Cmd-O) to open another photo that will be used as our main image. Select the Move tool and drag the new photo onto our background. Resize by hitting Ctrl-T (mac: Cmd-T) and drag the anchor points until you get the desired size. Hint: Hold down the Shift key to maintain image proportions when resizing.

Step 6


Now activate the Text tool and add titles and credits to the cover. Flatten your image and now we’re done with the cover design. Tomorrow in part 2 of How To Create An eBook Cover In Photoshop, we’ll transform our flat cover to something that looks like a book and ready for you to place on your website!

Remember: Don’t forget to visit where you can create the ebook cover you just read about in a matter of minutes. I’ve done all the work for you! I spent a lot of time making almost 40 different types of ecovers that you can recreate exactly by using my Photoshop actions. Visit now and download my demo. It’s super easy to use!

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