Export Timeline Sequence To DVD In Grass Valley Edius – Part 2

by Harlan Yee on December 15th, 2009

In part 1, we learned how to burn one timeline sequence to a DVD without a menu. In this lesson, we’re going to take DVD authoring in Edius a step further by adding a DVD navigation menu and incorporating more than one sequence.


Burning More Than One Timeline Sequence With A DVD Menu

You can easily burn more than one sequence and have a nice looking menu to help viewers navigate the contents of your DVD. The Burn to Disc application has some simple customization features to help you create nice looking DVD menus. The templates provided aren’t going to win any awards but it’s better than nothing and are more than adequate for most users. However, if you really want to put some special features and complex navigation to your DVD, you’ll have to use something like Adobe Encore or DVD Studio Pro.


Burning Multiple Sequences Step 1

Edius 5 DVD Sequence Export 1

Here is our project with 3 sequences we want to burn to DVD.

Edius 5 DVD Sequence Export 2

Once again, press the Export button located to the right and below the program window. Choose the “Burn to disc” function.


Burning Multiple Sequences Step 2

Edius 5 DVD Sequence Export 3b

The “Burn to Disc” application launches. We are in the Add Movie mode. In the middle of the screen, you’ll see a sequence loaded and ready to be burned to DVD. In this case it is “Sequence 3″. But our project has a total of 3 sequences in it and I want to burn all 3 of them on the final DVD.


Burning Multiple Sequences Step 3 

Edius 5 DVD Sequence Export 5b

To add a new sequence, click on the Add Sequence button. Alternately, you can also add video files from your hard drive in addition to the sequences from Edius. Click on the Add File button to browse your hard drive for self contained AVI, MPEG and Quicktime files to be included on your DVD.


Burning Multiple Sequences Step 4

Edius 5 DVD Sequence Export 6

The Add Sequence dialogue box opens. Simply check mark the name of all sequences you want burned to DVD. Hit OK.

Edius 5 DVD Sequence Export Alt 1b

Here, you’ll see all the sequences that will be included on the DVD. If there’s a sequence you don’t want, click the Delete button next to the sequence you want to remove.


Burning Multiple Sequences Step 5

Edius 5 DVD Sequence Export Alt 2b

Next, click on the Style button at the top of the screen. This time, we’re going to check mark the “Use Menu” box. Now we’re offered quite a few choices from the template menu library. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see different menu style categories. Choose the menu design that fits your project. Default title information and names will be displayed.


Burning Multiple Sequences Step 6

Edius 5 DVD Sequence Export Alt 3


If you want to really customize your menu and change the default names/titles, click on the Edit button at the top of the screen. Here, we are able to change the text of our video titles and the title menu of our DVD. Here, I’ve renamed my sequences to something more meaningful like “Home Sales”, “Mortgage Info” and “Company Overview”. I’ve also changed the page label at the bottom of the DVD menu that says “2009 Puget Sound Real Estate Professionals”.

Edius 5 DVD Sequence Export Alt 7b

To change the titles and labels, look on the right hand side of the screen, highlight each title indicated by an orange “A” to enable editing of text displayed on the menu. Highlight the title play buttons to change the way the buttons look. To further customize your menu, click on the Setting button towards the bottom of the screen.


Burning Multiple Sequences Step 7

Edius 5 DVD Sequence Export Alt 4

A new window will pop up offering more customization features. Change your text styling just like in any text editor. To add shadows and other enhancements to your text, click on the Effect tab and adjust to your liking. Once finished, click OK.


Burning Multiple Sequences Step 8

Edius 5 DVD Sequence Export 9b

Finally, click on the Write button at the top of the screen. Insert your blank DVD. If your project is over the single layer DVD capacity, use a dual layer disc. In volume label, type in a name for your DVD. This will only appear as a disc title on your computer operating system. Please note that you can only use capital letters for the Volume Label, otherwise, you’ll get an error. If you want to burn more than one disc, enter the number in the Number of Discs dialogue box. You’ll have to load a new disc when the current disc is done. Click Burn at the bottom right of the screen to start creating your DVD.

Edius 5 DVD Sequence Export Alt 6

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