Export Timeline Sequence To DVD In Grass Valley Edius – Part 1

by Harlan Yee on December 15th, 2009

Grass Valley’s Edius 5 incorporates an easy to use feature which enables you to export your timeline sequence directly to DVD for final output… with or without menus. If you choose no menus, the disc will start right after the DVD player loads the DVD. If your DVD was authored with menus, your DVD player will display a menu screen with buttons/selections for viewers to select the video title to be shown.


How To Burn One Timeline Sequence To DVD With No Menus

Step 1

Edius 5 DVD Sequence Export 1

In your project, you may have one or more sequences. If there is only one sequence, that’s the sequence that will be output to DVD. But if you have muliple sequences, you may have to tell Edius which sequences to burn.

Edius 5 DVD Sequence Export 2

So, when your project is approved and ready for final delivery to a client, you can simply press the Export button located to the right and below the program window. Here, you are presented with several choices. For this tutorial, we will choose the “Burn to disc” function.


Step 2

Edius 5 DVD Sequence Export 3b

The “Burn to Disc” application launches. Notice at the top of the screen that we are in the Add Movie mode. In the middle of the screen, you’ll see the name of the sequence that will be added to the DVD. In this case it is “Sequence 3″. Please note that the current sequence you’re working on in Edius is not necessarily the sequence that will be loaded in the Add Movie window. So our project has a total of 3 sequences in it and I want to burn “Sequence 1″ instead. How do we do that?


Step 3

To remove “Sequence 3″ from our DVD, click the Delete button on the same row where “Sequence 3″ appears.

Edius 5 DVD Sequence Export 5b

To add a new sequence, click on the Add Sequence button.


Step 4

Edius 5 DVD Sequence Export 6

The Add Sequence dialogue box opens. Simply check the name of the sequence you want burned to DVD. I’ll place a check mark next to Sequence 1. Hit OK.

Edius 5 DVD Sequence Export 7b

We have now successfully removed “Sequence 3″ and replaced it with “Sequence 1″.


Step 5

Edius 5 DVD Sequence Export 8b

Click on the Style button at the top of the screen. Since this is an SD project, make sure the output is selected as DVD. Under output, uncheck the “Use Menu” box. This way, our no menu DVD will play as soon as it is loaded into a DVD player (otherwise known as “First Play” video). Of course, you could use a menu if you like but for one sequence, it’s better not to have a menu.


Step 6

Edius 5 DVD Sequence Export 9b

Finally, click on the Write button at the top of the screen. Insert your blank DVD. If the file size exceeds the single layer DVD capacity, use a dual layer disc or go back and split your project into shorter sequences.

On the Volume Label input field, type in a name for your DVD. This will only appear as a disc title on your computer operating system. Please note that you can only use capital letters for the Volume Label, otherwise, you’ll get an error.

If you want to burn more than one disc, enter the number in the Number of Discs dialogue box. You’ll have to load a new disc when the current disc is done. Click Burn at the bottom right of the screen to start creating your DVD. Now just wait for it to finish.

Edius 5 DVD Sequence Export Alt 6

In part 2, I’ll explain how to burn more than one timeline sequence using menus.

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