Drocon Blue Bugs 3 Brushless Motor Drone Review – 15 Minute Flight Time

by Harlan Yee on October 4th, 2017

The Drocon Blue Bugs 3 brushless motor drone is an affordable alternative to the much more expensive DJI quadcopters. The Blue Bugs 3 can support GoPro and other action cameras. The brushless motors provide more power, longer running times and more accurate flight control than conventional electric motors. The Blue Bugs 3 is packaged with a camera mount but it does not include a camera. Only certain GoPros and other action cameras will fit with the included mount. I’m using this with the DBPower SJ4000 action camera.

The remote is large and a bit bulky like a DJI remote but it does feature a solid antenna mast. The Blue Bugs 3 comes with a MJX R/C battery and has 1800mAh capacity. The battery fits very snugly underneath the drone body and won’t slip out during flight. The Blue Bugs 3 doesn’t have a power switch so it needs to be plugged in to turn it on.


Pressing the red button unlocks the motors. At this point, the rotors spin at low RPMs at and is ready to fly. To turn off and lock the motors, press and hold the red button for about three seconds and the rotors will stop.


The Drocon Blue Bugs 3 can run for 15 to 18 minutes of flight. Flight time depends on if the camera is attached or not. This is not necessarily a beginner drone but the price is affordable for someone starting out who wants a drone to get aerial shots with an HD camera like a GoPro or the SJ4000. This drone has a range of up to 500 meters or 1600 feet.


The Blue Bugs 3 can also be upgradable to FPV or with the MJX FPV kit that includes a camera, screen and VR goggles. While this drone does not have altitude hold mode, it can hover at a certain altitude with the left control stick that stays at the last position it was set at.


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