Dissatisfied? How To Get A Final Cut Pro X Refund

by Harlan Yee on June 28th, 2011

With the recent release of Apple’s Final Cut Pro X, there has been less than a stellar welcome to this newest non-linear video editor. In fact, many professionals dislike this program so much that they have asked for refunds.

Final Cut Pro X

After reading the Apple discussion boards, I’ve learned that many buyers have been issued a refund for their purchase which is commendable by Apple because usually, there is no return policy on software purchases from any company once the software has been opened. In this case, purchased and installed.

Most of the complaints come from professional users of Final Cut Pro who state that Final Cut Pro X has been stripped down to a consumer level editing program. I do not use Final Cut but if I did, I would definitely be disappointed. Others complain that FCPX won’t open projects created in earlier versions of FCP.

If you feel that Final Cut Pro X is not for you, here is the link to apply for a refund:

Mac App Store Support

Enter information similar to the following:

Specific request: This app didn’t function as expected
Item title: FCP X
Details: Product is not as described. It will not open Final Cut projects. Please refund and deactivate my app.

Here’s a summary of what happens next from what I’ve gathered in my research from those who have been issued a refund:

  • Takes about 48-36 hours to receive refund notice
  • About 5-9 days to see the funds credited back to your account


At this point, many have stated that FCPX still functions after a refund has been issued but that could change at any moment. Apple could deactivate your license at any time.

Good luck and I hope all of you stay productive with whatever editing software you end up with. And if you do any production with DSLR video or compact digital cameras, don’t forget to download my ebook… it’s free!

  1. I use FCP and I’m watching all the hoopla concerning Pro X. We both know, the initial release of something like this is going to have problems.

    I intend to wait just a bit and let Apple work out the kinks and then I will make my purchase and make it my editing software of choice.

    In the end, Apple will make it right.

  2. Harlan Yee permalink

    Steve, it’s great you’re standing behind Apple. I’m sure they’ll make it right for all those people who have had success with their past products. Pretty much every freelancer I know uses FCP.

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