Cheap Camera Stabilizer For Canon 7D – Not Zacuto Striker

by Harlan Yee on April 20th, 2012

Doesn’t it make you drool when you see all those cool DSLR video accessories that make your camera more like a true video camera? What do you think when you finally realize that you’re going to need another $1500 on top of the $2000 you just spent on a Canon 7D to get it to shoot decent video? That’s just a typical dilemma all of us DSLR video owners go through.

Zacuto Striker - Cheap camera stabilizer

One accessory that makes shooting stable shots easier is the Zacuto Striker. It’s basically a series of metal tubes, handle and shoulder brace that gives you additional points of contact with your camera to help stabilize hand-held shots.

The Zacuto Striker is well built and comes with their famous Gorilla plate used for mounting a Z-Finder. The Gorilla plate also can be used to attach other Zacuto accessories to it. This is nice if you’re going to be buying more Zacuto gadgets.

However, the price of the Striker is $800! I don’t know about you but that’s the price of a Canon Rebel T3i with lens kit! If that seems a bit steep for your production budget, I’ve found a solution that is under $100 and works just as well.

From Polaroid?

I’m not kidding that there is a decent camera stabilizer for under $100. The name of this stabilizer is the Polaroid Video Chest Stabilizer Support System for DSLR Cameras. Ever heard of it? I certainly hadn’t until now.

Polaroid Cheap Camera Stabilizer for DSLR Video

You might think for the price, that this is just a cheap piece of plastic tubing but in fact, the tubes are aluminum! That means light weight! And there are quite a few adjustment knobs that allow you to easily configure the stabilizer for your body and camera. This is perfect for run n’ gun situations.

Polaroid Cheap Camera Stabilizer for DSLR Video

It features a removable base plate and others have said they have attached a Manfrotto Quick Release Plate for additional versatility. The Polaroid Camera Stabilizer uses standard 15mm rods so it is compatible with other systems that use this particular size rails.

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Polaroid Cheap Camera Stabilizer for DSLR Video

The handle is wrapped in textured rubber with a great tactile feel. Here’s what some users had to say about the Polaroid Video Chest Stabilizer Support System for DSLR Cameras:

While a Zacuto product, or Red Rock Micro will cost you somewhere around ten times the price of this product, the budget shooter will happily make due with this guy. It’s sturdy. Made out of metal. Not too heavy.

In the event that you desire to configure it WITHOUT the handle, it can be setup like the Zacuto target shooter as well as the Striker…add a follow focus and you have the Cross Fire.

Easily holds my Canon T2i/550D with a midrange zoom lens and Videomic no problem.

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Polaroid Cheap Camera Stabilizer for DSLR Video

The Polaroid Video Chest Stabilizer Support System for DSLR Cameras is available at Amazon for $59.99 with free shipping. In fact, that’s really the only place I could find this gadget for sale!

So what do you think? $800 for the Zacuto Striker vs $60 for the Polaroid Chest Stabilizer? For the budget producer, I think the Polaroid stabilizer will do the job just fine!

I hope this little find helps you in your pursuit of great video making while saving you some money!

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