Canon 7D Bent Pin In Compact Flash Slot

by Harlan Yee on May 5th, 2011

This is disappointing, I have a bent pin on my Canon 7D and it is unusable now. The compact flash card will not read when inserted into the camera.

Canon 7D bent pin

I suspect this could be a common problem with any devices that use compact flash cards. Unfortunately, on the Canon 7D, it is not an easy fix. I was informed that the entire compact flash interface has to be replaced at a cost of about $300. There’s nothing that can be done except to get it fixed. Here’s a close-up picture of the bent pin.

Canon 7D Bent Pin

Actually, a friend was borrowing the camera for a shoot when this happened so he’s going to get it fixed for me. I’m hoping he won’t have to pay $300 to get it fixed.

Canon 7D Bent Pin

If you look on the compact flash card itself, there is a slight scratch (if you will) near the hole where the bent pin would’ve been inserted. It’s funny no matter how careful you are, things like this can happen. The slot even has guides that help ensure that the card is inserted correctly.

I’ve never had problems with compact flash cards like this before but I guess it is bound to happen at some time. I’ll update you on the repair procedure.

**UPDATE: My Canon 7D is now fixed! If you want to find out where I took it and how much it cost to have it repaired and back in working condition, see this post:

  1. marco d'amelio permalink

    Hi. my name is Marco I’ve the same problem exactly in the same pin on your photos. My 7d doesn’t read cf anymore. How do you solve this problem? Is Canon assurance valid for this kind of problem? thank you very much. I’ll wait you answer.

  2. Harlan Yee permalink

    Hi Marco,

    I was told that the whole compact flash assembly needs to be replaced. My friend was able to bend the pin back straight but the camera still wouldn’t read the card. He thinks the pin next to the bent pin had been pushed down a bit when the first pin got bent and isn’t making contact with one of the slots in the compact flash card. So the only thing to do is get it fixed. My camera is over a year old and not sure if Canon will fix this for free. Actually, I should call them just to make sure. My friend who was using the camera took it to a local repair shop and they told him it’d be $300 so he’s just going to take it there. They have the part in stock and can have it fixed overnight. However, I have heard of Canon fixing the same problem for free but their cameras were newer. Good luck getting your camera working again!

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